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Terrapin Twilight Criterium

Georgia and her friend Winnie, who happens to live across the street with her boyfriend, went to New York last week for a class trip of sorts with the MFA photography folks at UGA. So Andrew, Winnie‚Äôs boyfriend, and I decided we would check out the Terrapin Twilight Criterium that was happening downtown. The Fuji […]

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City Lights Ministries

Here are a handful of images from our my first time with City Lights Ministries in Athens. This is just the beginning of a project that will hopefully show what it takes to start a church, both logistically and emotionally, from the perspective of Kirk Whitmire and people surrounding City Lights in Athens. Click on […]

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Best of 2011

Here’s a collection of my favorite edits from 2011. Over the course of the year the CitPat staff and I worked on lots of stories including a year long project looking at what it’s like to be a teen in Jackson County. A good friend and I took a trip to the Nashville and Memphis […]

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