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Look3 better late than never

Soooooo…. a few months back two good friends asked to see stuff from Look3. Tonight I finally got through those fun time images.

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Photos From The Roof

Our new rental in Athens, Ga. has pretty great roof access. It also has a pretty awesome view from the roof as well. The wife and I have taken a couple treks up there, sometimes with the neighbors, when the sky is particularly pretty. Here are just a couple recent frames.

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Terrapin Twilight Criterium

Georgia and her friend Winnie, who happens to live across the street with her boyfriend, went to New York last week for a class trip of sorts with the MFA photography folks at UGA. So Andrew, Winnie’s boyfriend, and I decided we would check out the Terrapin Twilight Criterium that was happening downtown. The Fuji […]

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EAWXXV Non-assignment Moments

From the time we walked up the hill to the barn until the party the last night, I could feel a bond forming with everyone around me at the EAWXXV workshop. I’m very thankful

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EAWXXV Fireworks and Bonfire

The staff at the Eddie Adams Workshop gave all of the students an awesome treat for the 25th anniversary – a giant fireworks display. We also were lucky enough to be a part of the annual bonfire too. This experience is one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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On the road to EAWXXV- Day Two

Day two took me from Roanoke, VA to Monticello, NY. Here are some frames from the road and now its time to rest up for tomorrow.

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City Lights Ministries

Things have been really intense this year. Between getting laid off, getting married, moving across the country and setting up shop in the south there have been lots of chances to learn new things. One of those things has been to keep your ears and eyes open at every moment. I first heard of Kirk […]

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Day at the Aquarium

Here are a handful of images from our trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Its awesome having a chance to get to know the new place we live. Between work, my #walkswithwalter and our trips to Atlanta I’ve been a pretty busy hombre. Click on the photo to be taken to the rest of the gallery.

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Georgia Aquarium

So Georgia and I are still getting planted here in Athens. This weekend Georgia’s parents made 13 hour trek down to see us and we all had a blast. I think the highlight was probably spending close to four hours at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. They claim to be the biggest in the world […]

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Eric Holder and the UM Law School graduation

Last Sunday I shot the University of Michigan Law School Senior Day graduation ceremony for AnnArbor.com. United States Attorney General Eric Holder was the key note speaker for the event. The main point Holder made to the graduating law students at the University of Michigan Sunday was this. “Set aside your concerns about job prospects […]

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