Facing Forward

Neighbors: Ken Hanson

The buildings on the athletic field at Columbia elementary and middle schools needed a fresh coat of paint.

Ken Hanson decided on his own to tackle the job.

“He literally just showed up one day in the office and said, ‘I drive by those buildings and see them in need of paint,’ and asked if he could paint them,” middle school Principal Geoff Bontrager said.

“What a great guy.”

Hanson works in maintenance and is looking for work, so he said painting the buildings would be a good way to spend his down time.

“I told them if they supply the paint, I’d provide the labor,” Hanson said.

So far, the baseball dugouts, ticket booth, lower half of the press box and the goal posts have been painted.

“The volunteerism out here is fantastic,” Bontrager said. “It really gives you hope in the human spirit to see people just volunteering their time.”

The two schools were recently formed by merging Brooklyn and Miller elementary schools.

“It something that seems really simple, but it means a lot to now be unified by the Columbia blue and gold colors,” Bontrager said.

Hanson and his wife, Jennifer, said volunteering at the school is important, so she helps out with book fairs, popcorn sales and anything else she can find.

Hanson’s son and daughter are students at the schools and go by the field almost every day.

“They say it’s looking great,” he said.

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