Facing Forward

Scanner CAM!

So a while back I acquired a Canon LiDE 20 scanner and with a little ingenuity, some black foam core, gaff tape and a 10x lens the scanner cam as born. I took a few frames with it and the results were iffy. The dremel tool cam out to file down part of the scanner arm and then it got all mucked up. Cleaned the gears and re-greased them but whenever i went to take a picture the soft said that the scanning arm was locked when it wasn’t. So i got frustrated and busy and the scanner cam sat out of commission.

My recent fun-employment has given me some time and I found the scanner-cam again. A new program, Vuescan, got the scanner to work and now it is in full force and letting me make all types of cool frames.

Me in the front yard from the second story window.

Adam on the couch.

Georgia on the couch.

Neighbors to the west.

Wally in the west window light.

View of the front yard from living room window.

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