Facing Forward

City Lights Ministries

Things have been really intense this year. Between getting laid off, getting married, moving across the country and setting up shop in the south there have been lots of chances to learn new things. One of those things has been to keep your ears and eyes open at every moment.

I first heard of Kirk through someone at work. Kirk started a church. This is something I’ve been really interested in for a long time. The logistics of doing something like this just seem crazy and I feel like its something most people don’t know much about.

When you work for a newspaper you have a forum. You have a place to share stories with your community. Stories of interesting individuals and issues that are prevalent in your community. Now that I don’t work for a newspaper I have to find another way to share Kirk’s story.

These images and brief text is just a taste of whats going on with City Lights. Kirk has been gracious enough to open his life up and share his story with all who will listen. I’m hoping to spend a significant amount of time with him and the rest of the City Lights folks to document their beginnings.

These few frames were made from City Lights first real service held at Nuci Space in Athens. They had an awesome turn out and it really meant a lot to the guys to see so much support.

So again, this is just a taste braely scratching the surface of the project. But if you are interested in learning some more about City Lights Ministries in Athens check out their webpage at City Lights. and their facebook page.

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