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Neighbors: Lois and Lowell Myers

Every Monday the Citizen Patriot runs a column called Neighbors. The whole point of the column is to feature someone in the community who does something note worthy but might not make it into the paper. While interning at the CitPat a year ago, I shot everyone from community activists to a gas station clerk for my Neighbors column. The couple I shot for yesterday’s column reminded me what neighbors was about.

Lois and Lowell Myers

Lois and Lowell Myers

Lois and Lowell Myers just wanted to meet their neighbors.
That was all the motivation the needed to start an annual part at their home.
“There were about 38 people the first time,” Lois Myers said.
Since that first get-together about four years go, it has grown into a twice-a-year event where friends and neighbors come over to greet one another.
“We have one in the summer, by the campsite in the back, and one in the winter at the house,” Lois Myers said.
The idea behind the party was simple
“So often you don’t know your neighbors anymore,” Lois Myers said.”Now they get real excited about the party.”
Through the parties, their church and various ofther volunteer work, the couple have settled into a home they can appreciate.
“I love it here,” Lowell Myers said about his home on S. Jackson Road. “It’s a community where you can trust people.”

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