Facing Forward

Emmarie’s Transplant

  • Erin Truman lays in a bed at University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor as she undergoes an apheresis procedure that took over four hours. The procedure filtered stem cells from Erin Truman's body which were then donated to her younger sister Emmarie. The bone marrow transplant is a potentially life saving step in Emmarie's battle with Leukemia.
  • Bone marrow donated by Erin Trumman flows into her sister Emmarie at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor Tuesday. After the transplant Truman must be under constant observation to make sure her new immune system and body do not attack each other.
  • Registered nurse Jana Thomas , left, watches as she sets up Emmarie Truman's bone marrow transplant Tuesday at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. Thomas was assigned to Truman when she battled brain cancer in 2008. Thomas said she was sad that Truman was back with another battle but hoped that she was a comfort to her, since she had worked with her before.
  • Emmarie Truman smiles in her bed as she jokes with friends and family at C.S. Mott Chlidren's Hospital in Ann Arbor. Truman, who is battling Leukemia, has been undergoing total body eradication over the last few days and received a potentially life saving bone marrow transplant from her sister Erin Tuesday.

On Tuesday Emmarie Truman finally got her bone marrow transplant from her sister Erin. It was a pretty intense process where Erin was hooked up to a machine for over four hours. The result though was a salmon colored bag of stems cells from Erin that was later given to Emmarie like a blood transfusion. Transplant was scheduled for earlier in the year but they had trouble getting the Leukemia in Emmarie’s body at a low enough level. The doctors say this is the best shot she has.

I have a lot of photos i like from this visit but we only published these four. the Truman’s are a wonderful family and very easy to work with. They understand the importance of their story to this community. I plan on following Emmarie through the next 100 days after the transplant.

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